troubleshooting your air conditioner

As your Dallas, TX air conditioning repair specialist, we understand the concern and importance of maintaining proper functionality and efficiency of your AC system, especially during the hot Texas summer days. As summer gets closer and closer, the temperatures continue to rise and many of us have already turned on our air conditioners.

If you have turned on your AC unit and notice it isn’t functioning properly and may not be cooling your home as well as it has in the past, there are a few air conditioning service troubleshooting procedures to go through before you rush to calling your Dallas AC repair company.

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1) Set your thermostat to a temperature between 65 and 68 degrees, and then turn on your AC unit.

2) Let your system run for about 15-20 minutes then inspect the temperature of the rooms. If you do not notice the room feeling cooler, then continue the AC troubleshooting steps.

3) While keeping your air conditioning on, check the fan outside on the AC unit to see if it is spinning. If it is not spinning, then your AC system has a mechanical issue that would need to be serviced by your professional Dallas AC repair company. If the fan is spinning and functioning properly, then continue the AC troubleshooting steps.

4) Go back to your thermostat and check the display to see if there are any issues with it. If the temperature doesn’t seem to be reading accurately and it feels cooler in the room, then your problem is very likely with the thermostat, which would need maintenance or replacement. If the thermostat seems accurate, then continue troubleshooting.

5) While your air conditioning is still on, check the vents in your home to feel how cool and strong the air is coming out of the vents. If the air is warm, then your AC system is not cooling properly and would need service. If the air is not blowing very strong, then you would need to have your home’s ductwork inspected and possible your air conditioning system as well.

By troubleshooting your AC system prior to contacting your AC repair company, you have been able to determine if your system will need mechanical AC service or if it just related to some regular AC maintenance.

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