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July and August are typically the hottest months in Dallas; air conditioners are running longer and harder to keep your home and office comfortable. The longer and more often your AC unit runs, the more likely it is to break down, and when it’s 100+ degrees outside the last thing anyone wants to break down is their air conditioning system. Before you call Tom Durbin for emergency AC repair in Dallas, there are a few tips to keeping up with your AC system so it can hold up during the high heat.

Tips for AC Repair Dallas Customers

  1. Check the interior temperature and make sure the rooms in your house or building are maintaining the temperature that your thermostat is set at.
  2. Check each air duct vent in each room to make sure the air blowing throughout your home or office is blowing evenly.
  3. Clear any obstructions or objects blocking your AC unit; there should be nothing leaning against or blocking your unit outside.
  4. Provide shade to your AC unit; a unit that gets a lot of direct sunlight has to work nearly 15% harder than a unit that gets more shade and does not have direct sunlight.
  5. After lawn maintenance a lot of dirt and pieces of grass get in your unit, so it is good to clean it regularly and after every lawn mowing. Pick out the big pieces of grass and leaves, and then spray out your AC unit with a garden hose to clean out the dirt and debris.

On days that the temperatures reach the upper 90’s and even 100 degrees, your air conditioning system is working the hardest. To prevent over running of your system, turn on the blower fan in your home to keep constant air flow, and close the shades/ blinds throughout your home to prevent the heat from sunlight out. If your system still can’t keep up even after applying these AC tips to your home or office, it’s time to contact your Dallas AC repair technician, Tom Durbin.

When you contact Tom Durbin AC & Mechanical, you can expect nothing but expert honest service. Even for emergency AC repair in Dallas, Tom Durbin’s team of technicians will test your air conditioning system inside and out; from the thermostat to the duct work, and the blower fans to the AC unit and all of its components. In many cases, a simple part replacement or Freon recharge is source of the problem for your Dallas AC repair. Call us today, call us tonight, either way we will get your air conditioning system back up and running so you can live, sleep, and work comfortably during the hot Texas heat.

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