Reduce energy bills

Although the Labor Day holiday marks the end of summertime fun and adventure, throughout Texas the summer heat can last all the way through much of October. While it does save a lot in energy bill costs to turn off your air conditioning in Dallas, it is too warm during September and much of October to be comfortable in your.

When you cook family meals in your kitchen, spend hours cleaning your home, and need to cool off after working tirelessly out in your yard, your home needs to be properly cooled this fall until the temperatures finally start to drop. After months of continuous use of your air conditioner, it might still need to be serviced before the heat comes to an end. Tom Durbin, your Dallas AC repair expert, still has a full staff of HVAC technicians ready for all of your AC service needs this fall.

Common Needs of AC Repair Dallas

During the last couple of months of Texas heat are often times that many homeowners in Dallas are in need of air conditioning service. Don’t try and tuff it out and wait to have your AC repair or service completed in the spring. If you ignore the issues today, you could cause more issues later that will do nothing but cost you more in repairs or even require you to have your air conditioner replaced, which will cost thousands more than a repair.

From AC Freon leaks and recharges to AC compressor repairs to regular AC maintenance, tending to common needs of AC repair Dallas residents and businesses can save a lot of time, frustration, and money while they get through the last bit of hot weather and can be ready for the warming months of the spring.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

As the seasons begin to change and the temperatures slowly drop, the fall is the best time to take action around your home to start saving on your energy bills for both heating and cooling. Take a look around your home, or have your Dallas AC Repair technician inspect your home’s walls, ceilings, and windows to see where there are any leaks that could be sealed with caulk or weather stripping. Sealing up leaks and cracks could potentially save you 20 to 30 percent in heating and cooling expenses.

Another way to reduce your energy bills is to simply turn your thermostat down a few degrees; during the heat when you are running your air conditioner in Dallas, turn the temperature up one or two degrees, and do the opposite in the winter by turning the temperature down at least one or two degrees.

For every degree that you adjust on your thermostat will reduce your energy bills by 1% to 3% every month. To help you with this temperature adjustment, Tom Durbin’s AC repair technician can come out to your home and install a digital programmable thermostat that can be set and optimize your heating and air conditioning use. No matter the need, whether it is AC repair, maintenance, installation, or help with your thermostat, Tom Durbin is here to help you with all of your Dallas heating and cooling needs.

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