How Do Lightning Strikes Affect Your Home Air Conditioning System?

Lightning strike ac breakerboxThe weatherman on TV tells you to prepare for a storm that has a lot of lightning in it. You go to your Computer or High End electronics and unplug them for protection. Well, don’t forget your AC system whether it is use or not. The newer systems have solid state circuitry and circuit boards in them now days and they are just as sensitive as any other electronic device.

Most notably affected are control circuit boards that burn out and totally disable your ac system. Some of these circuit boards cost several hundred dollars to replace, and even if your system is in warranty, somemanufacturerss won’t cover part failures due to lightning strikes and power surges. Most contractors can get them covered under your warranty but stranger things have happened.

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So, if your ac system is not covered by your warranty you’ll be out of pocket for hundreds of dollars. If your system is out of warranty you’ll be out even more. So it makes sense to protect your home comfort investment. If you get a powerful enough surge of electricity other parts like fuses, capacitors, burnt wiring or even compressors could be damaged.
That really starts to get expensive.

What Can You do to Protect Your AC System?

First, turn off the system at the thermostat. You might also cut the power at your home breaker box. Most breaker boxes are labeled so you will know which breaker to turn off. Your ac system is less susceptible to surges when it’s not operating, but a direct lightning strike will damage a system regardless, but they are rare.Sometimes a power outage in your neighborhood can also create damage.

When the power comes back on, and your ac system is on it might trip a breaker, blow a fuse or burn out a transformer. When the power goes off in your home, at the very least, turn off your thermostat and circuit breakers. When power has been restored, turn it all back on and enjoy. If your system doesn’t come back on or it’s not operating as well as it should, TURN IT OFF, and call us to check it out before you damage it further.

It may be only something as simple as a fuse, but it could be something more serious. Remember, even a weak power surge can damage ac components that might cause a part failure in the future. Make sure you tell our AC Tech about any suspected power surges or power outages, this will help him diagnose the problem with your ac system. Good Luck! For Air Conditioning Repair Dallas call Tom Durbin


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