Commercial HVAC Ductwork Installations

31076563Ductwork plays a key role in obtaining the highest efficiency of an HVAC system. Business owners in the Dallas Fort Worth area understand how expensive it can be to maintain comfortable temperatures in their commercial buildings, which is why Tom Durbin AC & Mechanical has expert technicians who have the knowledge to determine the type of ductwork necessary for your building to obtain the highest efficiency possible.

Ductwork is comprised of four basic types: rectangular duct, spiral duct, fittings, and components, which are used with multiple types of insulation. Currently, fiber glass duct systems, duct wraps, duct liners, and commercial insulation boards are most widely used in duct insulation for commercial buildings.

If your business is planning to construct a new commercial building or upgrade your existing building’s HVAC system, contact the commercial HVAC experts of Tom Durbin AC & Mechanical, they will be sure your ductwork is the most adequate and efficient for your business.