How To Protect Yourself When Your AC Unit Fails

You arrive home after a hard day at work on one of the “Hottest Days” of the year. You open the door and it’s as warm inside as it is outside. Your ac system has gone out and the family is on its way home and will be there in a few minutes.

You call your AC service company but they can’t get to you for a few days, what do you do? Go to a hotel? Call a relative or a friend and ask for shelter from the heat? If your home has a single AC system you’re stuck, or are you?

The answer is as close as your local Home Improvement Center. (Lowe’s, Home Depot, or even Sears) Before this happens to you and your family form a “Back-Up Plan”. Buy a small capacity, 110-volt Window Air Conditioner that will cool at least a Bedroom or maybe a family room and store it in your garage or basement for just such emergencies.

What Size Back Up Ac Unit Is Best

A 6,000 to 8,000 btu should be the right size to avoid having to have your electric wiring upgraded. The new window ac systems are so inexpensive nowadays that buying one is less expensive than a night in a motel for the whole family. Everyone will treat you as a hero for looking out for their comfort. When you get it home install it in the room you think it will do the most good.

Make sure you’ve got everything needed to get it running as soon as possible.Take it out and store it away so you can make a quick transition to the room you plan use it. Remember; buy a small 110 volt system. Some larger systems are 220 volt and you will have to have 220v wiring and plugs installed in rooms that don’t normally get that type of power access.

Dallas Gets Hot, Doesn’t Mean You Should

Make an adventure out of a bad situation. Put your temporary AC in a family room or den. Set up pallets for the kids or games. Have an indoor family picnic. Enjoy each other’s company and the quality time you can spend together. I have several customers that have adopted this strategy and they all tell me it was the best investment they had ever made. Your family comfort is important, like the Boy Scouts, “Be Prepared”.

Tom Durbin

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