I am a true believer in heat pumps. I started installing heat pumps in the early 70s. Heat Pumps received a bad reputation for not working properly, and going out too quickly. All of this is false, what was the problem is improperly trained technicians. Probably only two out of ten technicians can properly wire a heat pump. Another problem that people don’t consider is the fact that a heat pump runs both winter and summer seasons. This means that a heat pump eight years old has run 16 seasons. So the heat pump does double duty. So if you have a system that’s 12 years old it has actually ran for 24 seasons. Most technicians or companies that are unexperienced with a heat pumps will downplay the sale of a heat pump system. Generally that’s because they don’t have good enough technicians to properly stage and wire a heat pump.

A heat pump is a straight air-conditioner with several controls that reverse the flow a refrigerant in the heating cycle. The BTUs generated by heat pump are at a cost savings of about 30% versus electric resistance heat. What I’m trying to tell you is that a heat pump will generate the same heat 30% less than a electric furnace. Without removing all the humidity. These systems are excellent and very comfortable if sized and installed properly. I have my own formula for staging heat pumps properly. I’ve used it for 40 years and it is very effective. Our offices are heated and cooled by a heat pump system, with absolutely no resistance back up heat. You can trust me we are comfortable, I can cook you in a winter and freeze you in the summer, in any of the offices.

If someone is trying to talk you out of a heat pump it is basically because they don’t know how to install it properly. There is no reason to install a heat pump if you have natural gas. Unless you’re just afraid of gas systems. You can go to the propane page of this website and look at the national chart on BTU comparison, and you will understand the difference in cost per BTU rate. I am not a believer in dual fuel systems. This was a gimmick by builders as a sales tool to sell more houses. If you have dual fuel system, and one of them is gas and the other is a heat pump the most efficient way to heat your home would still be the gas unit.

If you have any questions about heat pumps feel free to call me at the shop I’ll be happy to discuss them with you.

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