Propane Furnace

  • Propane is an excellent cost effective source of home heating fuel. All Manufacturers offer Propane Conversion Kits for their Natural Gas Furnaces.
  • Call Tom Durbin AC & Mechanical for the Right Propane Conversion furnace for your home.


  • Propane Furnaces are used primarily in rural areas or in locations where other energy sources are not provided.
  • A Propane Furnace can heat air up to 25 degrees warmer like Natural Gas That makes Propane a more cost efficient fuel for home heating.
  • Look at this Cost Comparison Chart provided by the Department of Energy Cost Comparison Chart – Based on a Five Year Average (2003 to 2008)

Energy Source               Average Retail Price            Cost Per Million BTU’s of Heat

Electricity                    $  .096 per kilowatt hour                                    $28.22

Propane                          $  1.66 per gallon                                               $18.21 

Heating Oil                    $  1.98 per gallon                                               $14.29

Natural gas                    $11.97 per thousand cubic feet                         $11.62