Heat Pump Units

Heat pump furnace system, the reason I call it a heat pump furnace system is the system will not work as a heat pump without an outside condensing unit. The indoor section of a heat pump system is basically an electric furnace system. It consists of an indoor air handler, comprised of a blower system and evaporator coil system along with a vacant cavity to install auxiliary resistant heat strips. If reduced utility bills. Heat pump systems actually got their start back in the 60s, they also got a pretty bad reputation as being a problem child. This was not true the real true problem was dealers inexperience to install a heat pumps properly.

Thousands and thousands of high unnecessary electric bills were the result of improperly wired heat pumps. There was no excuse for this as all manufactures had dealers schools that would teach you the proper wiring techniques of these new systems. In my opinion if you have a straight resistance electric furnace currently your best decision on an upgrade or replacement of that equipment would be to go to the highest seer rating you can afford to buy , in a heat pump system.

A heat pump system will save you approximately 30% in heating mode only. The higher seer rating in the air-conditioning mode will again save you money. In the air-conditioning mode a heat pump has no effect on air-conditioning savings, only the higher seer rating of a heat pump can save you in the air-conditioning mode

What most people misunderstand about a heat pump is the fact that a heat pump runs both summer and winter season. So in a one-year old heat pump it has actually ran for two seasons. Let’s look at this just a little further and a 10-year-old system has ran for 20 seasons. This is double the work of a straight air conditioning system. So these systems have a tendency to wear out quicker than just straight air systems.

If a heat pump system is installed properly it can be a superb system generally in this Texas climate hardly ever needing to resort to back up resistance heat elements that come with the system. I have a heat pump system installed in my offices and our system has absolutely no back up resistance heat install. Heat pump systems must be properly wired and staged to get the full advantage of utility reduction cost.

You can go to the propane page on this website and see the BTU values of a electric system versus a heat pump system versus gas system versus propane system. There again a straight electric system is the highest energy consuming heating system on the market a heat pump system is second, if you have gas or propane a reduction in your energy cost could be utilized by using these other two fuels, if you’re scared of gas than stick with at least a heat pump system. And do the best you can to properly insulate your home.