With the invention of the Internet, customers now tell their air-conditioning man which equipment they would like to purchase. They no longer asked for the valuable advice of the technician that has spent years in the training of his position, to give them the best possible choice for their current situation. Due to the slowdown of the economy, a lot of technicians are afraid to tell the customer what would be the better choice of heating and cooling equipment for them, while privately thinking that they could lose there company the job by recommending the better choice than their customer have selected.

Here is my personal evaluation of what is happened in the HVAC industry with the newer equipment. We have done a trade-off, the trade-off is for safer equipment versus reliable equipment. The older equipment that we all grew up with was much more reliable and dependable in its functions, although it was not as safe. Safe being the keyword, if you had your choice would you rather have a safe gas furnace in your home or a dependable gas furnace in your home.??? Very easy answer to that question.

There again anytime you have new technology you’re going to have bugs in that technology. We see these bugs in our field repairs on a daily basis, such things as painted combustion air blowers that the paint flaked off, and then the paint chips get stuck in the orifice going to the air switch. Hot surface igniters made out of fragile material, flame sensors that constantly have to be replaced, noisy combustion air motors that wake you up in the middle of the night, rollout control switches that have to be replaced every couple of years.

Circuit boards that fail after every lighting storm because of static electricity, remember all new equipment now have a computer circuit boards in them. All these are problems that we see in the field daily that we would like to inform our customers about as to who makes the most dependable furnace in the current new equipment decade. Nobody wants to lose a job because they tell the truth, but it goes back to what I originally said is that we have safer equipment now, not as dependable, but safer. If I had to choose the swap off I would still choose a safer equipment myself.

I have placed six furnace categories below, click on the one that pertains to your questions. It will take you to a page that I have created of my own viewpoints as to that particular piece of equipment. This will be my evaluation of each piece based on 45 years of field time.

80% furnace                                           90% furnace                                       95% furnace


ELECTRIC FURNACE                        HEAT PUMP FURNACE                      PROPANE FURNACE

Propane furnaces in the Texas market are natural gas furnaces with a propane conversion kit added to the furnace to used propane fuel.

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