AC Electric Furnace

  • An Electric furnace uses an electric heating elements.
  • This Unit “will not” have a vent pipe or gas line coming
    out of the cabinet.
  • The Unit requires 240v electricity to run.
  • You cannot see a pilot or burner flame in the unit


  • Electric Resistance Heat converts nearly 100% of the energy in electricity to heat your home.

However, most electricity is produced from oil, gas, coal or nuclear power so it is often more expensive than heat produced from natural gas, propane or Heat Pumps.

  • Electric Furnaces can be more expensive in the long term because of the high cost

of electricity. However, electric furnaces are an excellent choice when used with High
Efficiency Heat Pump System

  • Blowers in Electric Furnaces move air over a group of electrically heated coils,

called elements, to create the heat which heats your home. These elements use
several Kilowatts of energy to create heat for your home.

  • Electric Heating can be made more efficient and help you reduce your energy bill by

maximizing insulation, installing high R value windows, reducing any duct air
leakage, and by simply changing your air filter on a regular basis.

  • Call Tom Durbin AC & Mechanical and we will help you choose the best and most

efficient heating system for your home.

  • If you still have question and/or concerns, please feel free to give us a call.

Electric Air Handler Furnace

Now electric furnace also called an electric air handler. The days of straight electric furnaces are almost over very seldom do you do a straight heating installation anymore. Almost anyone installing a central heating system is going to couple it with a air-conditioning system. So manufactures have stopped producing

just a straight heating unit. Electric furnaces in today’s market also incorporate an evaporator coil. This is one half of the air-conditioning system, so price of an electric furnace now includes a evaporator coil. If this is what you have then I personally feel sorry for you, as you are a great friend of the electric power company. This is the most expensive heating system to operate that you can buy in today’s market. Some argue that it is safer than a gas system but I personally am not so sure. Over my 45 years of field time I’ve seen just as many fires caused by electric furnaces as by gas furnaces. If this is the system you have there is very little you can do to improve your energy consumption.

My personal advice to you would be to spend a considerable amount of time checking in to a heat pump replacement system. Also spend as much resources as you have available to better insulate your home. This means storm doors, storm windows, added — attic insulation, under the floor insulation if possible, window insulated curtains, and ceiling fans. Again if this is the system you have I strongly recommend that you look into the highest seer rating heat pump system that you can afford, trust me it will pay you back quickly as compared to a straight electric resistance heating furnace.

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