95% Gas Furnace

The 95 and even 98% furnaces are the top of the line. If you’re one of those people that just have to have the best of everything, the newest in technology, and price doesn’t matter to you, than this is the furnace for you. You understand that rating of the 95% furnace is that 95% of the gas you purchase from the gas company is used to heat your home and only a 5% waste of efficiency goes up the afue pipe.

These furnaces are extremely advanced and are generally coupled with top-of-the-line high seer rated two speed air-conditioning condensing units. The combination of these two systems one being 95% condensing furnace and the other being two speed air-conditioning condensing unit allows you as the customer to control your house beyond any technology that has ever been available before. You can actually control the amount of humility in your house by running your systems in low speed.

If you want the best that the industry has to offer at this time, this is it. In my opinion the only
thing that supersedes this system would be geothermal ground source heat pump systems. Which I will talk about a little about in the heat pump section. Again I emphasize this is the top-of-the-line air to air system available today. If you have a truckload of money and want to reduce your utility bill cost than this is the system to look into.

The general utility bill reduction of this equipment is below 50%. As energy prices increase I believe you will see more call for this top-of-the-line systems. Along with installing a system of this category your house should also be set up for this kind of system. Meaning storm doors, storm windows, proper installation, both under the floors and in the attic. Installing systems of this caliber would be defeated by not having at least excellent insulation values for your home. I have only installed a couple of these systems over the last couple of years but they were amazing.

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