We were called in for a second bid on air conditioning repair job, not a second opinion. The original contractor had condemned the furnace. Said it had a crack in the heat exchanger, and with a flashlight showed the customer what he called a crack. When our estimator arrived at the house the furnace was still in operation. Texas requires you disable the furnace under this condition.

Upon hearing this a bell went off in my head, the furnace was still running. The customer indicated the location of the crack to our estimator. We returned to the house with our bid and were told that the other contractor had returned and disable the furnace, and commented that he would beat our price no matter what it was by 10%. Bang, another bell went off. Now I wanted to see this furnace up close. To make a long story short we did the job.

When we got the old furnace back to the shop, I asked the boys to disassemble and inspect it for a crack. We didn’t find a crack anywhere in this furnace. We did find a hole 8 inches away and inside from the location the customer had shown us. The customer said it didn’t matter anyway, he wanted to upgrade for the $1500.00 tax credit . This is just one reason for a second opinion. There are hundreds of good honest contractors in DFW area, and to them I will always extend a trade hand. For those that think a Texas contractor license is a licence to steal just remember this one, guys like you are the ones that hurt this trade the most.

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I do agree that this furnace should have been replaced ,but for difference reasons. The holes, standing pilot, and the amount of rust in the pictures to the far right. That was only half of it, there was another pile of rust in the bed of service truck. Standing pilot furnace were last made in 1990.

rusty furnace

This amount of rust in the picture above is what has flaked off the inside of the heat exchanger internal wall over the years. Making the heat exchanger wall thickness even thinner.