Commercial HVAC Installations and New Construction

Commercial buildings throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area are continually being built, renovated, and expanded. New construction projects of commercial buildings involve many skilled professionals from multiple industries, including the HVAC industry. Each commercial HVAC new construction installation is unique, due to the size of the building, type of electrical system, type of duct work, and the proper design and size of the entire HVAC system. Proper design is a key first step to a successful commercial HVAC installation for every building throughout Dallas Fort Worth.

Tom Durbin AC & Mechanical has a team of commercial HVAC technicians that specialize in the design of new construction heating and cooling systems for commercial buildings. When constructing a new commercial building or expanding an existing commercial building, each step in the process is important to ensure the new building is what the business owner is expecting and it is completed on time.

Tom Durbin AC & Mechanical understands the importance of completing your commercial building construction project accurately and on schedule, so you can continue business and production without delay. We specialize in new construction HVAC installations for industrial, institutional, retail, and utility commercial buildings and we install and service all major commercial brand air conditioner and heater units.

Our commercial HVAC technicians will sit down with you, the building contractor, and the construction company to design and plan each step of the installation processes, to ensure successful operation of your new commercial HVAC system.

If you or your business is planning a commercial building expansion or new construction project, contact the Dallas Fort Worth commercial HVAC experts at Tom Durbin AC & Mechanical.

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