If you have a 20 year old unit that was an 8 s.e.e.r. when it was new it’s probably running as a 4 S.E.E.R. now. Which means a new 15.0 S.E.E.R. would be 70% cheaper to operate. Now look back at the last 5 years. See what you’ve spent on parts for your unit, not to mention down time, when you were hot and waiting on someone to show up to repair your unit. Your new unit will have 10 year limited warranty on all parts. New units can save as much as $1,200.00 per year on operations cost, even more depending on t-stat settings, and personal habits. Call us at 214-957-6936 Lets talk. I’ve been in this business for 44 years and if I can’t answer your question I’ll get you the answers.

rooftop package units
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Commercial Package Units contain both indoor and outdoor components in one cabinet. Most are mounted on the roof and are referred to as Rooftop Package Units or RTU’s. All are forced air applications meaning they force Cooled, Heated or fresh air through a duct work system with large blowers or fans Commercial Package Units and Rooftop Units save floor space and are easily serviced, repaired or replaced when used in commercial or industrial applications. They can be used as cooling only, heating only (gas or electric), Heat Pump, or a combination of several applications. They are also used for Indoor Air Quality issues where large volumes of air are needed to replace indoor air that is being exhausted to the outdoors for smoke removal, dust, fumes, or other pollutants.

Most Commercial Rooftop Air conditioners are not as efficient as residential equipment but with new Government standards (Department of Energy & Environmental Protection Agency) the manufactures are building higher efficiency systems that are more economical to operate and less polluting as older systems.

Commercial Package Units range in sizes from 2 tons of cooling and heating capacity to hundreds of tons of cooling and heating capacity with large build up systems with multiple compressors, multiple evaporators, multiple blowers and fans, and a myriad of features to handle special requirements for all commercial and industrial applications. They’re overall reliability has increased making them a dependable alternative to older systems.

Commercial Package Units and Rooftop Systems are used in over 90% of the commercial and industrial heating and cooling requirements today.

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