Air conditioning units are classified into two categories, one being split system air conditioning and the other is self-contained air-conditioning units. Let’s first talk about split system air conditioning systems, a split system consist a condensing unit, an indoor air handling unit, and it evaporator coil. Generally for a home residents the first category being a split system air conditioning is what most people have in their residence.

Different terminology for such as outdoor A/C unit or outdoor air conditioner is what most people call the outside condensing unit. The indoor section can be a self-contained blower evaporator coil unit such as a above the tub or also called a fur down unit . The inside unit can also be made up of a gas furnace with a evaporator coil sitting on top of it into and up low configuration, or evaporator coil below it in a down flow situation.

Most generally you will see a horizontal application with a furnace in the attic with a box coil attached to the downstream side of the furnace. Heat pump’s are generally made up of the electric air handler with a resistance heat elements installed in the air handler. I am going to place some pictures below this text to allow you to see different types of installation.

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All the above are condensing units,some times called air conditioners, outside air conditioning units or simply ac unit. All serve the same function, there are one half of the air conditioning system or heat pump system. There currently can range from 13 seer to 26 seer rating.


The above are all forms of air handlers ,the first three are gas furnaces and the last is a electric furnace witch can stand alone as a electric furnace or as a heat pump air handler. The electric unit has a evaporator coil inside the cabinet.




The above are all evaporator coils. The first is a slab coil, second is an upflow or downflow coil. Third is a horizontal coil.


The above air conditioning systems are self contained air conditioners. All the necessary components are in one package. The condensing unit,duct blower system and the evaporator coil are in one package hence the trade slang name package unit. Manufacturer named =gas or electric self contained package unit. These units can be installed in both homes or business alike ,these units also can be used in a down flow position as a rooftop unit.

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