AC Repair

50 Years Experience

There is absolutely and positively no substitute for experience.

So how do you, the customer, sort it out when there is 700 to 800 AC companies in DFW? So is getting the repair done cheaply more important than having it done right once, or getting it done quickly better than three call backs for the same thing that he didn’t catch on the first two calls? Most AC repairs are chain reaction repairs, meaning something caused the part failure. This is where experience is absolute.

Our goal is life long customers and ethical experience repairs, which will get us word-of-mouth referrals . The leading best advertising method of all. That is much better than overcharged invoices and dissatisfied lost customers.

Referral companies that are on TV and at the top of organic listings on internet searches that promise top screamed and licensed ac repair professional for FREE . Think about that for just a minute. They are not nonprofit and even the ones that claim nonprofit just check out management salaries. Where do you think their fee will show up at? Yes you guessed it, it will be built in to the markup of your invoice. See they are experienced also, but not at AC repair, only at TV and internet marketing. Their staff and internet professionals are more experienced than 99.9 % of all AC companies’ owners. That’s why they are at the top of the page. Follow the money. They drive the cost of repairs up for everyone. Because it simply costs a lot to get above them.

Just take the time to read our testimonial pages, I will get you on a three way call with any of them, and I won’t say a word. Read some pages on this web site and I think you will have a better understanding of heating and air conditioning repair and maintenance.

Whether you want band-aids put on your unit until there are no more band-aids in the box, or you want replacement so you won’t need to see any of my trucks for years, we will help advise you and honor your decision. The bottom line is

Life long customer and word-of-mouth referrals.

– Tom Durbin

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