Dear customer After all the B….S …..we went through last year about R 22 freon systems being discontinued by the government, GUESS WHAT we have been notified that they are again building new R 22 condensing units for replacements to your existing R 22 system. Somehow the manufacturers got around the new law by shipping the new R 22 units without Freon. When a AC dealer buys a new unit for resale the unit comes with an appropriate charge of Freon inside the new unit. In this situation on the new R22 units they are shipping them dry. Meaning that they have a holding charge of nitrogen rather than Freon. I believe this change came about because of you the consumer, the position that you were put in having to replace your entire system led to a lot of people complaining .

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Here is what you will have to do when buying a new dry R 22 outside condensing unit. You will have to purchase and have installed the dry unit once tested for leaks and set up to go you will have to removed the nitrogen and then add Freon to that unit in the proper amount to make the system work. Not knowing how much Freon needs to be installed due to the length of the line sets of your system will more than likely make this an add-on to the cost of the unit. I have already installed a couple of these units, and they work just fine.

I built this page so that you will not be ripped off by some unscrupulous air-conditioning contractor. Do not let anyone tell you that you have to replace your entire system anymore. Whether you replace your system again will be a choice that is entirely up to you. The newer indoor sections have coils that are all duel rated for both 410 A. and R 22. So you again have many options as to how to repair your system. You will have to select the proper expansion valve if you are going to use an expansion valve coil . Installing a new R 410 A. condensing unit against and older R 22 indoor section is not recommended. The older indoor sections that did not have duel rated coils and are not pressure tested for the new R 410 condensing unit. As the new R 410 units actually operate at about 30% higher pressures. If all this sounds complicated and confusing feel free to give us a call and will try to inform you as to your current situation.

I’m not sure as to how many manufacturers are producing these dry units, I have installed one Payne which is a product manufactured by Carrier, also one Goodman unit. These dry units are 13 seer rated and are in stock now. As I understand it the manufacturing plants are currently running the 14 seer models. The prices of these new dry systems are high. The cost of a dry R 22 condensing unit is above the cost of a new R 410 unit. I wonder who figure it out that little trick.

The News – Nov. 2010

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