Are you ready to be informed about the truth of air conditioning pricing, here it is. All ac dealers buy air conditioning equipment at about the same price. It’s a volume deal. Larger companies get lower prices than smaller companies. That doesn’t mean they will pass that pricing on to you. Larger companies generally have larger overhead. Prices are directly related to your annual gross sales with each manufacture. It’s not like you are buying the same drill motor from Sears,or Home Depot ,or Lowe’s. If that were the case you should go with the lowest price. What you are buying are the units and the service install. The difference in price is what a dealer is willing to sell his services for. The more times a company has done the job you are needing, the better we are at doing it. A trained crew can knock out a difficult job on time, why because they done it before. All this is called EXPERIENCE.

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I only use trained mechanics that are cross trained. My techs are installers and my installers are techs. I hire helpers only to train them to mechanic status as a permanent addition to our crew. I have done the job you are needing done probably at least a 1000 times in my 45+ years. This is why all my men carry a cell phone, they can get a answer to any question they might not have run across before,about your job, with just a phone call to someone who cares about their training, and the referral from you, to your family and friends and neighbors for doing a good job. If we do the job perfectly and you are one of those people that isn’t going to sign up for a maintenance agreement. Then you become non active customer. I might not hear from you for years,or until a manufactures part fails. So doing a excellent job is our goal, it means referrals and no call backs, witch directly means better profit from each job. Allowing us to give you our best price. If an air conditioning company doesn’t make a profit they won’t be there when you need then. If price is your only concern call me , if we are slow, I will work your job from cost. With my hand trained people I am a hard man to beat if I want your job. Fitting you in to a slow scheduling spot can also save you some money. Going with the cheapest price sometimes comes from the most inexperience people , check the company out. One truck shops are generally not around next year. Make sure you are getting apples for apples.

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