100_1108It doesn’t make a hoot whether you have an Amana, Bryant, Carrier, Lennox, Trane, or any brand that you can think of, none of these units will perform properly if not maintained on a regular basis. I have placed numerous pictures at the bottom of this page. These are all problems we have taken the time to photograph so that we can show you things we see on a daily basis. The four greatest assets my company has are, number one DIRT. Number two Texas cottonwood trees. Number three other companies inexperience and improperly trained air-conditioning installers and technicians. And number four customers that don’t maintain their units.I have seen units that have lasted 25 years and longer with proper maintenance, I’ve also witnessed units under five years warranty that were destroyed by lack of maintenance. I have tried to explain this throughout the entire website, it is not the brand name of the unit, it is how it is installed and maintained that is what gives the unit longevity.

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In the military, I was in charge of PMS . Before you start laughing that actually stands for, preventative maintenance systems. We were in charge of keeping all types of equipment systems 30 and 40 and even 50 years old combat ready. Some systems were not even manufactured anymore, we would have to have special parts built because the equipment had been discontinued. This equipment was so properly maintained that you could put it into service in a matter of minutes if needed. When I got into this trade every one had their heaters and their ac units checked before the season. With the invention of the self-oiling bearing and direct drive motors, this general practice went away. People no longer maintain their air-conditioning systems, they only call when they break. This is actually a shame because air-conditioners have the ability to last 30+ years if properly maintained.

Air-conditioning companies pick up their new customers in the peak demand of the season. This is what causes so much trouble and makes most people mad with their current air-conditioning man. He’s so busy he can’t get to them for two days, so they call someone else. The truth is he is generally dealing with cleanliness issues or failures generally caused by cleanliness issues. Air-conditioners run at abnormal pressures generally higher than the design pressures the system was engineered for, when dirty.

Maintenance should be performed in what I call open-door weather. This is the time of year when you don’t need your heater or your air-conditioner. This is the time when all air-conditioning companies are slow. This is a time when we’re trying to keep our best technicians on the payroll with more than 15 hours for the week. This is the time when a technician can actually take the time to make sure your system is up to snuff and ready for the next season. When you look to do maintenance during the peak part of the season, the demand part is when it’s 100° or the first hot day. In the winter time at the first cold night. This is when we get busy, this is when we’re trying to get to all the customers at the same time. Common sense will tell you that we are probably going to be in a hurry to get to the next seven calls that have to be done today. This is also the time when really good technicians are not wanting to hear the boss say, can you run two more calls. He has worked hard to get all the calls he ran today out of the way, so that he can go home and be with his family. When a technician has done his 45 hours already for the week by Wednesday the quality of work that he puts out to the end of Friday in my opinion is not his best.

I’m not very big on trying to push maintenance agreements, I am going to write an additional page on this site on how I feel about maintenance agreements. I have also added a page in the blog about warranties. What I’m really trying to stress again to you is this, there is a proper time to do maintenance and it is not in the middle of the heating or air conditioning season. By the way, one of my most favorite things to do when I’m not working on air-conditioners is to go around and water Cottonwood trees to make them really healthy.


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