AC Coil Leaks





This is a goodman a-coil with a pressure test at our shop, white spots are soap bubble leaks
spots. click to enlarge or again to magnify.




This is a new AMANA box A-coil replacement. It is the new aluminum coil series. ONE WEEK OLD & LEAKING Click to enlarge or again to magnify.



CoilsBefore addressing this problem I would like to point out some history with Goodman and Amana Manufacturing Co. I have been selling and installing Goodman and Amana equipment for 25 years plus. I also sell multiple different brands of air conditioning equipment. I go back with Goodman equipment when it was sold under the janitorial name.

It was sold under the Kenmore sticker for a few years too. I was the second dealer to sign up to sell Amana after Amana was purchased by Goodman Corporation. This is just to let you know that I have sold hundreds and hundreds of their systems.

I have had extremely good luck with warranty failure parts from this manufacture. This is why my company recommended their equipment over that 25 year stretch. Goodman Tech support in Houston always seem to take field recommendations from local dealers to heart. When we found a problem that was repeating itself in the field, and told Goodman tech support within a month or two you would see an appropriate modification to the new equipment to improve it.

Now let’s talk about the problem. There seems to be a lot of evaporator coils leaking Freon on Goodman and Amana units for the last three years. As a dealer the first few leaking coils did not cause a great alarm. When the numbers started growing from a few to many we started paying a lot more attention to this problem. All manufactures have suffered at one time or another from leaking evaporator coil problems.

At this point in time I do not have enough fingers and toes to count the number of coils that have failed in the last three years, on systems that my company has installed. This has turned into a nightmare not only for the customer but for the dealers as well. The name of this game is service. Doing the best thing you can do at the most reasonable price that you can do it for and trying to keep your customer happy with a properly done job is what it’s all about.

Air-conditioning units fail for a lots of reasons most of the time it’s neglect, some times it’s poor install workmanship, some of the time it’s malfunctions of equipment. Or an improper choice of material in the manufacturing process of that unit. I have hundreds and hundreds of units still operating that have never leaked even a ounce of Freon in the last five, 10, 15, and 20 years. And a very large number of these units were both Goodman and Amana among others. At this point in time I think we’re going to get into my personal opinion of what is happening. If you’ll further read on this website will see that I am not real fond of the new Freon. The one objection that I had to the new Freon is the fact that it runs at about 30 to 40% higher pressures.

As I indicated earlier I have hundreds of units out there operating with the old Freon that seem to have absolutely no problem. These excessive coil failures only started showing up as we strongly got into the new 410 A freon market. As I mentioned earlier I sell multiple brands of equipment, I am not seeing the high failure rate with these other brands that also used 410 A. and R22 refrigerant. That leads me to believe that the other manufacturers have spent more time in research and development and quality control of their systems.

So what do we do about it ???? Goodman and Amana are changing their policies on how they treat these warranty coil repairs on a weekly basis. I don’t think you’ll find very many dealers that are happy about how things are going. And for sure you will not find any customers that feel that they are being treated properly. The leaking coil causes Freon to escape and  it has to be replaced, there is no compensation from the manufacture for that problem.

So the technician is faced with do I leave my customer unhappy and hot or do I add some Freon to getting them by until the necessary approval of the replacement coil can be made. We also have to find the leak, I will tell you this over the last three years we have only found two maybe three leaks that were not in the evaporator coil. Now we are checking the evaporator coil before we look for leak anywhere else. This is a directive that we have received from Goodman is that any coil with a ser member that starts with 07 or 08 is the only coils that they are going to stand responsible for and pay a labor allowance to change.

Goodman is indicating to its dealers that there are having problems with copper coils that were manufactured during the years of 2007 and 2008. They’re saying that these copper coils are what are causing the problems during those years. I question that analogy as I have hundreds of units with copper coils that are still running with no problems that were installed in 07 and 08. The nice part about a copper coil is that it is still field repairable.

Sometimes there’s multiple leaks and that would not be the proper engineering recommendation for the repair, but copper coils can be repaired. The new aluminum coils that are being manufactured as a replacement coil are not field repairable as far as to my knowledge. Although we have been told that there are repair kits for the aluminum coils, I have yet to see one on the manufactures shelf.

Company policy for replacement Goodman or Amana evaporator coils will go as follows,  A charge for a services call and the finding of a leak and or leaking coil, the adding Freon until the approval from Goodman for a replacement and available can be determined (customer’s option). The standard industry price for replacement of the coil will be charged at the time of the replacement.

The reimbursement of the labor allowed by Goodman for the warranty repair will be forwarded to the customer the next business day that is received by us from Goodman warranty department. As of this time Goodman has indicated to us that this will be an 8 to 10 week process. And will only issue warranties labor after their have approved the repair by the local field factory tech support team (that will be all e-mail communication). Even if we didn’t install your unit and you are looking to have your unit repaired we will stand behind the above policy as we are being informed that customers are being charged without any mention of the fact that Goodman will pay a labor allowance for the coils in question


In closing with this page I’d like to point out just a couple more facts. We are not seeing problems out of the normal on Goodman and Amana= furnaces, condensing unit, or rooftop units as they compare with other manufacturing brands. The only severe problem that I’m seeing at this time is with Amana and Goodman equipment is an extremely high rate of evaporator coil failures. As I mentioned earlier it’s all about service, whether it be service from the dealer to the customer or service from the manufacturer to the dealer.

I hope someone very high up in the Goodman and Amana Corp. has the opportunity to read what I have written above as you can check the status of my account it has cost you a lot of money in just the last year alone in none purchased equipment. Just as a manufacture can choose how they will deal with a warranty problems with customers and with their dealers???????????? dealers will also choose where he spends his money for the next system and what system he will recommend.

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