What Our Customers have to say about working with Tom Durbin AC.


Lionel R

I just wanted to let you know that the repair has been completed. I do not usually leave feedbacks but I thought I would make an exception. Your installers were absolutely great in every way, professional in their behavior, polite and willing to show and explain in a clear manner the work that was going on.

I really appreciate it and going to recommend your company !

B. Schirard

New Carrier unit

Tommy and Bill,

Just a quick thank you for everything you both have done for our family for the past 30 years, I can call at 4:30 on Friday afternoon with a tenant in need of some cold AC on a unit that has no business still being alive and within hours, I get a call from a very grateful tenant, This is not by accident. This is the way you run your business and why you have so many grateful and loyal customers.

Case in point… I called Tommy at 6:30 pm Tuesday  to tell him my personal AC is out again, I live in between Houston and Galveston, I just wanted his opinion on my local contractors and pricing of my unit …  and what he thought it should cost, I trust his opinion with a 30 year relationship with my family, 12 houses and many rentals. The next thing I know Steve and TJ are in the truck headed to Houston, This is Wednesday morning, By 11:00am they were at the Carrier distribution center picking up my new unit and headed to my house. Tommy had done some homework overnight based on the pictures I sent him and he determined my return supply was too small for my AC needs by 1/3.

It’s been 2 days since Steve and TJ added my new Carrier Infinity and reworked my return air. My wife and I are still smiling every time we walk in the house, We leave it set to 78 and we are colder now and have more air circulating than ever before… I can’t believe the difference and still saved 2k from what the locals were going to charge me.

G. Bennett

I am taking this opportunity to express my appreciation for your years of excellent service for me and my family. When I returned to my house and found it at 95 degrees, I immediately called you. It was after 5pm on a Friday night. I figured I would be lucky to get it fixed on Monday.

To my surprise, you said you would send someone on Saturday. That was wonderful. Little did I know that I was in for an even bigger surprise. At 7pm my door bell rang and who should be standing there— Steve! He fixed my air with his usual efficiency and good nature. What a prize he is! You are so lucky to have someone so dedicated and talented working for you.

I appreciate a business that make such an effort to take care of customers. I always recommend your business to anyone who asks me about heating and air conditioning.

Thank You.

K.H. Kim, Las Colinas

If you read any testimonials, PLEASE READ THIS ONE.  I can only hope that anyone reading this will trust me that Tom Durbin and his team stand behind their work, but most importantly stand behind their commitment of honesty and integrity.

I know this is long, but I wanted to explain everything that happened.  Please feel free to use all or just cut pieces you like out of this and use for your website.  I truly am so thankful that Ifinally have a technician I can call that I know isn’t trying to make a quick dollar.  Please thank TJ and Barry for their expertise and hours and hours of labor to fix some over advertised companies mistakes.

Before I start, I should mention I have 3 units (Upstairs, Downstairs, Garage)

Recently my upstairs AC unit started to blow hot air and like most unknowing consumers, Icalled one of the “larger” AC repair companies in Dallas assuming they were reputable and skilled like they advertise.  After sending 3 different technicians out over the course of one week, my air conditioning unit still had not been fixed.

The first technician immediately tries to sell me a new unit, stating my coil is rusted, and for some reason I am not getting 24v power to my outdoor fan.  He goes on to quote me $5,000 to $10,000 for a new system (I have a 3 ton unit) telling me that the $5,000 is very bare and I should go with a “Cadillac” ac unit which will cost more.  I tell him I would like to get the unit working first to see how bad of a leak my coil has to justify a new system.  He walks around the house, and tells me he will have to charge $700 dollars to pull new wires to get the outside fan running.  Before I can answer, he again runs on about how I could pay $700 in labor, plus hundreds in Freon just to find out that I need a new system, or I could just save that and put that toward a new system now.  Again I decline his offer, and he tells me he might be able to “think outside the box” and relay wires from my other furnace which controls my downstairs unit, and jump those wires over to the fan outside to make the 24v connection.  If this works, he can check how bad my leak is.  I agree to this only for him to tell me that he is not the man for this job.  After making some phone calls, he tells me he can have someone come out the next evening and do the wiring for $350 dollars. I agree.

Technician 2 arrives 3 hours behind schedule.  Runs up to the attic and grabs a set of wires. After cutting them, he begins to do some test for signal and patches them up with 2 other colored wires from another set of wires running in the attic (note that all three units are in the attic).  I watch him do what appears to be a very simple job of cutting and twisting 2 wires together.  I mention that the technician yesterday made it seem like it was going to be extremely complicated and he had come up with this brilliant idea of how to relay this wiring situation.  This technician agrees that it was simple and charges me a simple electric repair rate of $149.  Then he goes outside and checks the Freon level which is obviously low because HERE IS THE BIG ISSUE: They wired the upstairs unit to the outdoor fan for the garage unit. Then they pumped this outdoor unit which I haven’t used in 10 years full of almost 8 lbs of Freon and tell me my leak must be pretty bad because they cant seem to get the unit charged.  They leave for the evening and charge me for Freon and Electric repair.  Still my AC blows hot air.

Technician 3 arrives 2 days later.  This technician was actually very helpful, but he obviously didn’t know that the technicians before him had completely mixed up the wiring for my units. He tells me that the 2nd technician did overcharge my compressor and takes some out. Then says I am going to need a new compressor because oil has leaked and the valves are not working properly.  He says he will call someone out for a 2nd opinion in a few days.  After waiting, and no call, I decide to cut my losses with this company and my AC unit which I thought was useless now.  Time to get a new system.

After looking around I came across Tom Durbin’s site. Straight answers, straight quotes, next day estimate, and within 48 hours I had 2 technicians (TJ and Barry) with my new Carrier system ready to install.  They immediately notice that something Isn’t’t right, and that the wiring for the units in the attic and outside fans don’t match up.  TJ AND BARRY COULD HAVE VERY EASILY NOT MENTIONED ANYTHING AND JUST REWIRED AND INSTALLED THIS NEW CARRIER UNIT WHICH I HAD ALREADY AGREED TO BUY. Even after I impatiently tell TJ that its all wired right and to just go ahead and install it (I was very tired of technicians coming and saying something is wrong and running around trying to figure out whats going on) TJ insists that something is not right and the units are somehow not matched up correctly. I tell him about the wiring issue from before and he continues to troubleshoot.  Overall  TJ and Barry spent 5 hours during a 100+ degree day fixing everything that the first well advertised company had messed up.  What upsets me the most was all of this could have been prevented if the first company had realized that the 24v wire was not connected to the fan outside (it was cut “somehow”)

Once TJ and Barry were finished, they charged my unit with Freon, pressure tested it, and told me my system is working fine.  Tom drove out to my home and told me I don’t need a new system and explained in detail with TJ and Barry what the situation was.  They told me I should not install the new system they brought because I simply didn’t’t need it yet.  On top of that, they didn’t charge me for any of the work or Freon or materials they used to get me back up and running again.  They basically spent over half a day laboring away to fix mistakes made by a larger yet obviously less experienced team of technicians for free.  I promised them that the moment I need a new system or anything that I would call them.  That’s all they wanted.  Seriously.  Trust that if you are good to customers and treat them with honesty, they will be a customer for life.

I warn anybody reading this, please don’t be fooled by the fancy ads or sales pitches run by some bigger companies.  I’m sure there are some great ones out there.  But what I am positive about is Tom and his team including TJ and Barry are the most trustworthy, experienced, and honest people I have come across.  Again, I thank you so much for your work and time.

Bonnie, Dallas, Texas

Thank you for the service and installation of the gas furnace. Steve and his colleagues were professionals and seemed expert in their fields.

George A., Dallas, Texas

Over the last few months they have replaced an AC unit and also had them come out to repair other AC units in my building. Bill and the guys at Tom Durbin are very responsive and they do good quality work at a fair price. If you are looking for a company that has employees that know how to treat customers, they are it.

Myra, Dallas, Texas

Thanks very much for your help. Your people are great!!!

R.C.S., Balch Springs, Texas

Mr. Durbin, Thank you for working with me and being patient. I promise to pay everything I owed you, and I did. I hope if I ever need anything else you all will be there for me. God bless you and again thank you.


I am a single mom and I used to be married to an A/C man so when I went searching for an HONEST A/C company I found my company Tom & his lovely wife spent a long talk on the phone with me and I would trust them without a doubt.
His team of very gentleman and very business. I really appreciated all the answers I was given to all my questions I am so pleased with my new A/C, my electric bill was half I could not believe it but my old unit was big and worn out and now I am with a new unit and most energy efficient. I want everyone to know do not call anyone I have used all at one time or another and nobody will take care of you like Tom Durbin . The best Texas has and in the summer you will
want the BEST !!!!


Thank you for being a very honest company Steve is a really nice gentleman to have fix my A/C last Spring and now my gas heat I am so burned on other companies here I am so thankful for your honesty and Integrity , something that is very hard to find. :) Thanks again and my GOD bless you and your family beyond any imagined DREAMS !!


I want to give a big THANK YOU TO Mr. Durbin and Bill for your help and cooperation with our new furnace. I am disable and on a limited income and when our furnace went out on the coldest day of the year I immediately called Bill with Tom Durbin A/C and Mechanical. He had a technician come right out and it was determined that our “heat exchanger” had gone out and since our unit was twenty something years old, parts were no longer available. The tech gave me an estimate of how much a new unit would cost and I was not sure how we could do it so I told him to let me think about it.
Did I mention this was the coldest period of the year? The next morning I called Bill and told him I really could not afford to pay for a new unit and could they work out some terms? Bill called Mr. Durbin and within thirty minutes called me back to say that Mr. Durbin had said “YES” to my request. It is now 9:45 am the next day and his crew is up in the attic installing our new furnace. Needless to say I feel Bill and Mr.Durbin has treated us like family and I just want to say thank you so mush for your fair treatment and excellent service!


Cynthia S

Sorry it took so long ! Ran into a few snags in the hospital. All is well now.
Thank for another fine job.

Cynthia S

Karen Martin

comments = Thank you Tommy for helping me deal with a true scam that was attempted on me by a company that misrepresented itself as an associate of yours. You cam to my rescue with great service at a reasonable price. Your knowledge, fairness and compassion got me out of a difficult and expensive situation. I would recommend your company highly to anyone interested in quality service at a fair price.
Thank you again!

Dennis Murphy

comments = Tom:
Thank you very much for all the valuable information on your website. Our residential 2ton A/C unit went out and we are learning about a replacement system. On one page you describe the advantages of a two-speed a/c system.
Sorry for the amateur question: does that mean a two-stage compressor or a variable speed fan blower motor? So far I we found out that we should be looking for a scroll compressor in the a/c condenser, a stage gas valve and a variable speed blower in the furnace. Are we learning correctly so far? We appreciate any comments you have. It is priceless to be able to learn from someone with 45+ years experience in the field.
Dennis Murphy

Bill Whitcher

Hi Dennis,
My name is Bill Whitcher, I am the sales consultant for Tom Durbin AC & Mechanical. Thanks for looking over our website. We certainly appreciate the feedback from our customers and acquaintances. We may even add you to our “Customer Comments” page.

Sounds to me as if you “got the hang of it”. As Mr. Durbin wrote, 2-speed technology is probably the best advancment in AC technology in years. When a 2-speed condenser (16 seer or higher) is coupled with a Variable Speed Air Handler or Gas Furnace it makes one of the most efficient and energy saving Central Air systems you can buy. Not only do you have more energy savings as far as cooling goes, you also have a more efficient way to control and remove humidity from your home. Keep reading…I think you’ll find plenty of other interesting information that will help you make an informed decision when you purchase your new AC system.

PS If you have friends in the Dallas/FW area, let them know we are here and ready to help. By the way…its 106 degrees here today. Wish I was there!

Thanks again,
Bill Whitcher
HVAC Consultant
Tom Durbin AC & Mechanical
536 Long Creek Rd., Bldg. #2
Sunnyvale, Texas 75182

Les Folse

comments = I have known Tom for over 20 years now. I first met Tom when I was working for a Dallas suburb inspecting the new homes his company was installing the HVAC units in. I learned alot from him and what quality installation is all about. I have been inspecting residential and commercial HVAC for over 30 years now and I get the stories of the fly by night companies that over charge, take advantage of people when ther unit is broke and just the poor quality of
workmanship. Tom and his crew takes pride in what they do and you can see that with the work they do and their customer service. My wife and I trust our own A/C to Durbin air and have always been treated fairly throughout the years.
Thanks Tom!